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  1. The Ben Lewis Signature peg. Designed to last long and grind everything! - Available in 4" & 4.5" length - 7075 Aluminum Core - Internally butted for lower weight - Sleeve is made from a nylon based blend - Comes with an extra sleeve Weight 5 oz.
  2. Plastic replacement sleeve for the Benny Pegs. The sleeve is also interchangable with the Butcher core. - Nylon Based Plastic - Available in 4" and 4.5" length

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  3. Nothing beats the raw sound and feel of steel. The new Animal Team Peg is a fresh addition to the legacy of Animal pegs. The Team Pegs measure in at 4.5" inches long for full contact. Forged, heat-treated chromoly steel for strength and smooth grinding on all surfaces. Internally butted, so they are thicker where it counts and lighter overall. Drilled for 14mm axles, with a 3/8 adapter included.
  4. Plastic replacement sleeve for the Butcher Pegs or Benny Pegs 4.5" Weight - 1.6 oz
  5. Lino Gonzalez signature peg. The OG metal peg and all you need to hit the streets hard.
  6. Chris Silva's signature Nub Nuts. Made from Heat Treated Chromoly. Keyed for 3/8" ratchet head Fits only Animal Javelin Hubs 10mm x 1mm - 4 oz per pair For Standard Hubs 14mm x 1mm - 4.4 oz per pair - Fits 14MM rear male axle 3/8" x 24 TPI - 4.4 oz per pair - Fits 3/8" female hub For Profile Hubs 3/8" x 16 TPI - 4 oz per pair - Fits 3/8" female hub
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