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  1. Rear PYN Hub Guard With Plastic Sleeve, Black
  2. The Javeline front hub is CNC'd from 7075 aluminum. The hub features a chromoly female axle design. - Stainless steel bearings - 7075 cone spacers - 10mm bolts work with either a 17mm socket or 6mm allen key - Weight 9.9 oz
  3. 36 hole and CNC'd from 7075 aluminum, the shells have a smaller non drive side flange for better flange protection and come with a 9T driver. The onepiece chromoly driver uses two polymer bushings, instead of a set of small bearings, for longer life. The 14mm chromoly axle is hollow and has a 8mm hex broach and color matched 7075 aluminum axle nuts. RHD only. Weight - 15.3 oz
  4. Rear Hub Replacement Axle
  5. Front PYN Hub Guard. 7075 Aluminum Core With Plastic Sleeve, Black
  6. Rear PYN Hub Guard Sleeve, Plastic, Black
  7. Rear PYN Hub Guard Sleeve, Plastic, Blue
  8. Rear PYN Hub Guard Sleeve, Plastic, Purple
Set Descending Direction